Fatty Legs

High in the Canadian north, eight-year-old Margaret begs her father to send her to residential school so she can learn to read. When she arrives she discovers all is not as she had expectedher long braids are cut off, she is forbidden to speak her language, and she is forced to do chores instead of attend classes. Alone and far from all she knows, she devises a plan to ensure a triumphant end to her humiliation. Fatty Legs is a profound yet accessible story that brings to light the suffering created by residential schools while celebrating the deep strength of a young child who refused to be broken by her experiences.
This show is a collaborative creation between an Inuitauthor, an Anishinaabe dancer, a Mikmaw spoken word artist, and a non-Indigenous choral ensemble. Based on the award-winning book by Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, with illustrations by Liz Amini-Holmes and published by Annick Press, Fatty Legs is Margarets true story. Xara Choral Theatre (under the direction of Christina Murray and choral choreographer Claire Leger) has adapted the book for the stage, featuring choral music and dynamic contemporary dance, and featuring Rebecca Thomas (Halifaxs Poet Laureate) and Sarain Carson-Fox as young Margaret. Lighting design by Matthew Downey.