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Tocadeo is the coming together of four passionate singers, Dany Lalibert, Ren Lajoie, Benoit Miron and Patrick Olafson, who share a love of vocal melodies and harmonies in a moving and memorable repertoire. Over the years, Tocadeo has gained a prominent place in the Canadian musical landscape by playing for a wide audience. Show goers are delighted by the groups music, its passion on stage, its sense of humour and how easily it bonds with the crowd. Inspired by music legends and great voices, Tocadeo conveys a truly unique and elegant atmosphere that leaves all delighted and spellbound. The quartet presents a show brimming with exquisite pleasure: a marvellous mix of extraordinary voices, four attractive men, their touching sensitivity and their humour. An evening of strong emotions and delightful entertainment. This bilingual Christmas concert is sure to get you into the spirit of the holidays!